The Proper Home Seller Etiquette

Don’t stay for showings.

Home owners who lurk during an open house or showing can unnerve buyers. Buyers don’t feel as comfortable when the owner is at the home watching their every move. Just get out of their way so that they can start to picture themselves living there instead of being spied on.


Keep your car out of the way.

Make it easy for visitors to park and view the home. No one likes parking issues. Having them is a sure way to get a viewing off to a bad start.”


Take the pets with you when you go.

Not everyone likes pets. What’s more, some home buyers will have allergies and your pet could make them sick. Keep in mind: Imagine, as a buyer, having the background music set to ‘barking dog’ while you are trying to take in the home’s nuances that you, as the seller, have worked so hard to hone.


Keep out important documents.

Keep in mind: Leaving necessary documents in an easy-to-find spot isn’t just good for selling, it’s also good selling etiquette. Put out the home inspection report, appraisal, home warranty, monthly bill information — gas, oil, electric — and proof of any major repairs are all good things to let people look through when they are considering buying your home.


Have some refreshments available.

Putting out a few small bottled waters in a small bowl of ice is always appreciated, along with some light, easy grab-and-go sort of refreshments like mints or cookies, or fresh made coffee.


Don’t be stubborn.

Sellers who are unwilling to negotiate will likely see their home linger on the market. Keep in mind:  Focusing on your bottom line is always important, but greed can lead to disaster. Remember a little of something is better than a lot of nothing. Generosity will lead you to your promised land.


Source: “8 Unwritten Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller Should Know,”® (Jan. 25, 2016)


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