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Our purpose for the “Property Owner’s Handbook” is to first help you, the property owner, better understand the administrative and management systems of SIRF Property Management. Second, it is to help provide valuable industry knowledge and insight. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our company and to answer any questions that involve our company or the industry as a whole. When property owners are provided with industry knowledge and tools, we have found it provides them with a greater understanding of the day-to-day operations of property management. This then enables those owners to hold a property management company accountable for its performance, putting both parties on the same page and allowing for a greater working relationship.


We achieve this in our company through providing each owner with a scholarship to attend a training course at The Landlord Property Management Academy™.  The Academy was founded by Bryan Chavis, author of the industry bestsellers Buy It, Rent It, Profit! and is nationally recognized for providing the highest quality rental investor, landlord and property management courses. Our team obtained their training and education through the Academy, and we believe it is a great resource to help you better understand the field of property management and the services we will provide you. The Academy is also a great source for providing up-to-date industry news and information. For more on The Landlord Property Management Academy, including on-line courses, please visit



Please Note: Our business relationship is formed in writing between you, the property owner, and SIRF Property Management through a document called the “Management Agreement.” All procedures, terms, services and conditions detailed in this proposal are subject to change, withdrawal or modification at any time and could take place without notice. You should look solely to your individual “Management Agreement” for actual services rendered.

Our team in advance thanks you for taking the time to understand our business. We look forward to serving you and your business.







1. SIRF Property Management Makes Investing & Owning Rental Property Easy

2. Frequently Asked Questions SIRF Property Management

3. What Additional Factors Should You, The Owner, Consider When Employing The Services Of A Management Company?

4. Frequently Asked Questions About Qualifying Tenants, Leasing, Rents And Overall Rental Investment Market Conditions

5. Cash Flow Income





SIRF Property Management does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, age sex, familial status, marital status, disability, color, national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected classes.


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