Advice from Buyers to Sellers

See what your home looks like on-line – really

  • No pictures
  • Only exterior Shot
  • Multiple unflattering photos


If it doesn’t have multiple great shots of the house inside and out, I do not even bother looking at your listing online!



Don’t overprice your home – I’ll wait for the price to come down

  • Too much time, energy and emotion in making an offer
  • Never come to see it until you drop the price




I only have to find one house


  • Buyers are not in the business of market analysis – only finding a home
  • Some compromises
  • House should be well cared for, prepared and priced nicely


Nitpicking = Thinking of making an offer


  • “What would I do?”
  • Mentally “trying on” your home as their home


Staging – The bar is high


  • Take preparation seriously
  • Get rid of extra furniture
  • What improvements get the most bang for your buck?
  • Paint, flooring and finish materials



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